Sleep Apnea Treatments

There are three main devices that can be used to supplement or replace a CPAP machine for some patients:

Mandibular Advancement Device

Also known as MADs, these devices move the lower jaw forward, creating a larger opening in the airway. While there are generic, over-the-counter devices available, we highly recommend a customized MAD that is tailored to your specific bite.

Tongue Stabilizing Device

TSDs and tongue retaining devices (TRDs) hold the tongue forward. The intended effect of the device is the same as the MAD—opening the airway to prevent obstruction. TSDs and TRDs do require an adjustment period, though, as they can be unpleasant at first.

Combination Therapy

For patients who require a CPAP but find it uncomfortable or undesirable for any number of reasons, we can create a custom dental device designed to work along with the machine. This combo therapy can provide a greater level of comfort without sacrificing a patient’s health needs.

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