How much does it cost?

Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions offers you a free screening process and a no cost consultation. During this meeting, you will discuss your sleep habits and related health concerns with Dr. Harrison. Dr. Harrison will help you determine if you are a candidate for further testing. Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions works with your insurance company and offers several different plans. Schedule your free screening and no cost consultation today.

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Will my insurance pay for it?

Yes. Most medical insurances cover a large percentage of this type of care for sleep apnea once your deductible has been met. For those patients with no insurance or high deductibles, Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions offers a reduced cash fee to make your care affordable. We begin with a free screening and patient intake process. Next, we order a two night home sleep test. Your out of pocket expense for this test ranges from $0 – $289 and the Sleep Testing company will work with your medical insurance to reduce your out of pocket expenses. After the test, Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions will meet with you and discuss your insurance coverage. Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions goal is to make sure you receive the care you deserve to get better sleep and live a longer, healthier life.

Do I have to go to a hospital or sleep lab for testing?

“No, you do not. Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions uses an in-home sleep test. The test kit is mailed directly to your door with detailed instructions on how to complete the test. You simply wear a small device on top of your pajamas with a strap around your chest, a pulse oximeter and a nasal cannula. All are connected to the device. When you have completed the test, you simply mail it back with the return shipping label that is included.

How long to complete the entire process?

After your free consultation and in-home sleep test is completed, we will complete a comprehensive exam and select the device that will work best for you. Once the dental device is fabricated (using a completely digital scanning process), it normally takes a few short appointments to find your jaws optimal position that opens your airway during sleep providing you your best rest. Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions goes beyond most dentists who simply make an appliance and turn you loose. Dr. Harrison expects to dial in the proper jaw position in just a few short follow up appointments and also recommends at least annual follow up to see how well you are sleeping and to make sure the dental device is still properly functioning for you.

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