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Jeffrey Harrison, DDS

Dr. Jeffrey Harrison is a native of St. Louis, MO, but has called Colorado his home since 1996. Dr. Harrison graduated from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Dental School in 1994 with a Bachelors in Biology and a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. He then went on to complete a general practice residency at St John’s Mercy Medical Center in St Louis, MO where he developed an interest in how dental health connects to ones overall health.

After moving to Colorado Springs in 1996, Dr. Harrison opened Colorado Laser Dentistry, where he practiced for 22 years. While practicing, Dr. Harrison earned his Mastership Certification in Laser Dentistry. As one of the few Masters of Laser Dentistry in the world, he is considered to be a Key Opinion Leader in the field. Dr. Harrison spends much of his time educating other dentists around the world how to best serve their patients needs utilizing laser technology emphasizing a total health approach to patient care.

In 2016 Dr. Harrison and his family fulfilled their lifelong dream of living in the Yampa Valley by relocating to Steamboat Springs, CO. Dr. Harrison recognized a need in the Yampa Valley for a Dentist to help patients connect oral health to total health. In 2017, Dr. Harrison opened Sleeping Giant Sleep Solutions where he helps patients with chipped, fractured and worn teeth due to clinching and grinding. Dr. Harrison also treats snoring and sleep apneas issues with alternative options to using a cpap, which promotes better rest and overall health.

After many years of performing and teaching Dentists to properly release lip and tongue ties with laser technology because of breast feeding or speech issues, Dr. Harrison realized that Sleep Disordered Breathing in adults (Snoring – Sleep Apnea) begins early in life. By intervening at an early age, he can help the pediatric patient develop into a teen and adult whose jaws are developed fully, making a more favorable airway for the rest of their life and reduce the need for braces.

Dr. Harrison has gone through specialized training with Board Certified Mentors in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine to help his adult patients with improper airway development and is now proud to be the only dentist in the Yampa Valley to partner with Healthy Start, by becoming a certified provider to help the children of Northwestern Colorado live a longer and healthier life.

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